Since 1954 POMIL is specialized in production and processing of textile materials and their derivatives in non-woven rags, air laid (dry paper) and technical textiles.


Industry Sector

Pomil technical material like wipe and rolls are cleaning professional. The consistent quality and careful choice of dimensions are closely designed for every need, avoiding uneconomic waste and ensuring a perfect rendering.


Restaurant Ind. & Food Hygiene

Restaurant Industry and Food Hygiene

A complete line of products for professional cleaning for kitchen, living rooms and bedrooms. Technical products available with color code, lavette, antibacterial wipes.


Nursing Home

Hospital, Medical, Nursing Home and Community Sector

With the "Live Age" project Pomil presents a complete range of products for guest and operator hygiene.


Hospital & Personal Care

Hospital and Personal Care

With the project "Vivi l'Età" Pomil presents a full range of products for the hygiene of guests and operator.


Bathroom Line

Bathroom Line

The professional Pomil line includes bath disposable products such as paper towels, toilet paper, hand dryers.


Beauty & Hairstyle

Beauty and Hairstyle

Professional Pomil aesthetic line includes disposable products like disposable face towels, hair, body and protection bed towels. Pomil's products are carefully studied and always customized to convey the customer's logo.


Garage & Car Washing

Garage and Car Washing

Wipe, sponges and detergents for cleaning and washing surfaces of vehicles, used for warehouses, workshops, car washes, home environment, laboratories, cleaning companies, etc ..


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